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Do's & Dont's Training Uses

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    Best Leash is ideal for puppy recall. You can put your dog into a sit stay and get 9 feet away to do the recall. Because Best Leash os 9 feet long it is the ideal training leash or freedom leash.
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    Your puppy can drag Best Leash around your home. Because it is weighted, this leash is great for leash training. Your puppy quickly get adjusted to being on a leash
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    Clipping Best Leash to a belt loop means your puppy stays close to you at all times. You can keep your puppy under control or out of trouble by physically attaching leash to you
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    Best Leash helps to teach your puppy to naturally and easily stay on your left side at a heel position or give it the freedom (freedom leash) that you allow (up to 9 feet)