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Do's & Dont's General Uses

  • 1
    Wrap leash around your waist for hands free running, hands free jogging or hands free walking with your dog
  • 2
    Cross lash leash over your shoulders for hands free walking or hands free training with your dog
  • 3
    Clip leash to belt loop for hands free puppy play time  with your small dog
  • 4
    Wrap leash around tree, pole, park bench or any stationary object when in an outdoor setting
  • 5
    Tether leash to back of Wagon or Sports Utility Vehicle to keep your dog secure
  • 6
    Best Leash can be shortened and attached to safety belt or baby safety clips
  • 7
    Best Leash is totally adjustable for various different lengths
  • 8
    Best Leash can be used to walk two dogs at the same time