Do's and Don'ts

Do's & Don'ts

When using Best Leash, it is very important that you use it according to our specific Do's and Don'ts. Failure to do so will void the Best Leash warranty.


When using Best Leash for any application it is imperative that when you adjust your leash, you use the supplied Super Links through the grommets first. NEVER hook the bridle clip directly around the grommet holes. The Super Links provide a quicker release, should the need arise.

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    When leaving Best Leash on your dog, please make sure that the leash is left at full length. This will insure that there is no loop for anyone to step in, and avoid the possibility of an accident.
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    When tethering a dog in a car, it is best to use a double bridle clip hooked around an existing steel loop, baby safety clip or standard safety belt that is built into your vehicle, and then attach open end of the double bridle clip around the properly placed Super Link. Please remember that when tethering your dog as described above, you should never clip Best Leash to a dog collar but by use of a properly designed safety harness.
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    Only use the appropriate Best Leash product according to your dogs weight.
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    Use common sense when using Best Leash products. Only use Best Leash in accordance with our Do's and Don'ts, General and Training Use guidelines.
  • Don'ts

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    Never leave your dog unattended while using Best Leash. A dog can chew through nylon or leather quickly. Make certain your dog is directly supervised at all times.
  • Best Leash will guarantee any manufacturers defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Please keep your receipt as proof-of-purchase. The end user assumes full responsibility for the health and well being of their pet and themselves. Under no circumstances will Best Leash be held liable for any damage or injury when using our products.