The Best Leash Story with Dr Stanley Coren

Mark Mandelbaum believed there was a better way to train your dog by using a hands free training leash that reinforces positive training. Mark has been training dogs for many years using a custom-made leash that he invented over 30 years ago. Mark saw a need in the marketplace for an advanced hands free dog training leash that would act as a positive training tool. Mark attended an International Positive Dog Training Association seminar for feedback regarding his hands free leash design.

At the IPDTA seminar Mark met with Dr. Stanley Coren to discuss the idea of producing a leash based on a combination of Mark's original custom hand-made design and a leash Dr. Stanley Coren had demonstrated on his television series "Good Dog". With Dr. Coren's approval, Best Leash started with a combined design. The newly created Best Leash creates a safe and consistent hands free training environment. This enables you to train your dog... the same way - all the time. Because you are consistent, your dog learns faster.

Mark's friend of 30 years, Eddy Isenberg who was experienced in marketing and web design agreed to help with the marketing and creative side of the business. A business relationship developed based on a handshake, trust and commitment.

The last 3 years have been very exciting. We have never strayed from our core belief. We believe there is a better way to train your dog. There are a lot of positive dog trainers who share our philosophy. In 2008 Best Leash has won the International Positive Dog Training Associations' Innovation of the Year Award for 2008. Again in 2010 we won the Innovation of the Year Award for 2010 and the Humane Dog Training Award for 2010 for the development of our new coloured product line of our Hands Free dog training leash.

We have expanded our product range from 1 leash to over 19 products... and we are continually researching and bringing new innovative products to the market. We have just intoduced our new small dog hand free training leash, called the Munchkin. It is the same 9-foot long Best Leash but is only 1/2" wide and is ideal for small dogs up to 15 pounds. We have replaced the grommets with 7 "D" rings, which are sewen into the leash. Now our Best Leash product offering has the ideal dog leash for small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs. Our product is available in a nylon dog leash and a leather dog leash - all of which are ideal fro hands free dog walking, hands free training, hands free clicker training and hands free jogging.

We welcome your feedback on our products and our website. If you are a Retailer and are looking to re-sell our Best Leash Products, please contact us via the form on our Contact Us page.

It's been very exciting and the future looks bright for Best
Thanks to all our customers for your support.
FOOTNOTE:  As a closing thought we personally wanted to say something publicly.  It has come to our attention through industry friends and clients, that a competitor, Smoochy Poochy, has been bad-talking Best Leash and claiming we copied their Smoochy Poochy leash. They have also claimed that their Smoochy Poochy leash is the original hands free leash. I hope by reading the Best Leash story above you realize this is just not true. Our leash was indeed originally custom-made by hand to Mark Mandelabums specifications over 30 years ago. Furthermore, we have had consultation with and endorsement by Dr. Stanley Coren. If you have any doubts over which leash really is the best hands free leash,  we invite you to try our leash. It is the only leash your dog will ever need.
We welcome your feedback and your dealer orders. We would love for you to experience the Best Leash difference.
Mark & Eddy